Patient Testimonials

"In March I met Dr. Rich McBride for the first time and my quality of life at that time was
very poor. I could hardly walk because of the soreness and stiffness in my hips and knees.
Dressing myself was becoming very difficult and I often had to have help. Fatigue was a daily
problem and I had been to blood specialists, had a temporal arteritis biopsy of my left temple,
was sent from there to an infectious disease specialist at our Baptist hospital in Winston Salem.

Many more tests were performed including CT Scans and still no answers. I was also seeing a
homeopathic doctor at the same time and I was taking good supplements that were helping to keep me going.

So…because I had no answers and no relief I decided to make the trip to Pennsylvania to see
Dr. McBride. We talked several times and in March 2006 my husband and I made the trip to
Dr. McBride’s office for the first visit. Within 48 hours of seeing Dr. McBride I could tell a huge
difference in the way I felt. By the third day 95% of the soreness and stiffness was gone.

I had more energy and the "fog" had lifted in my brain. It was amazing  how quickly I responded to the treatments I received. Now after one  year, I have all my energy back and I am walking, exercising, and  feeling great!

I thank God for placing Dr. McBride in my life and for Dr. McBride’s willingness to work with me
and educate me so that I could have a better quality of life.

I give McBride Wellness Center the right to use this testimony."

Cynthia W

              _________________________________________________________________________________________________                             "June 18. 

Here is my story……I came to see Dr. McBride on May 10.  I was in poor condition.  I had extreme fatigue, body  aches, poor digestion, pms, irritability, brain fog and depression. I  am a mother of 2 young toddlers and I could not afford to continue going  on in this manner. I could not even hold down a full time job due to my  exhaustion. As the saying goes" I was sick and tired of being sick and  tired"!!

It just so happens that a dear friend of mine is Dr. McBride’s sister  and she recommended that I go to him for a consultation and a urine  analysis. This was the best decision of my life!! I hardly had the  energy to go for my first visit but I knew I needed help. After the  first week, I was already feeling 50% better. I had the results of my  urine test and was put on a special diet of certain healing foods and  very minimal supplements.

After the second week, I was 90% better!! I was digesting and absorbing  my foods properly and without trying I dropped 10 lbs. in 3 weeks!! I  have energy from morning till night; I wake up refreshed for the first  time in 20 years. I never get that mid day tired, sluggish feeling  anymore. I know that a big part of my success was due to Dr.  McBride’s expertise and the bio-cranial adjustments. I have never had a  doctor take such interest in my symptoms and spend such quality time  with me. He cares for his patients and wants to see everyone live the  life they deserve!  

It has now been  a little over one month since I met Dr. McBride and I have a new lease  on life! I have taken a new job and I am moving out of state for an  exciting new start to my life. I have the stamina to play with my  children and to work out as well. I can think clearly and make sound  decisions. Just think- if you are reading his testimony- you too could  feel better than ever in very little time! I will end this note with one  of my favorite quotes "Your health is your wealth"- I know that I now  feel like a millionaire!

I truly appreciate Dr. McBride and his wife for their compassion and caring nature!!" 


Susan W

* I give my permission for Dr. McBride to publish this letter.


"I have used Dr. McBride for nutritional counseling for about 13 years. During that time he saved me from
what I thought was a heart attack that was actually an imbalanced gall bladder, relieved my massive
headaches I had had for years and helped me with a kidney situation. His vast knowledge even allowed
me to get through my highly stressful life with much greater calmness and control. 

While all those drug commercials play across the TV screen and ads run in the magazines, I can’t help but
feel sad for the people who have to depend on those drugs because they don’t know about Dr. McBride.
His dedication to his patients is outstanding. I know my life is much healthier because of him. 

Thank you Dr. McBride for doing all you do for me and all your other patients." A.P.

What A Miracle   

"My  name is Merry A, I am 25 years old and my story starts about a year ago  when I came for my first visit with Dr. McBride. When I first met with  Dr. McBride I knew the whole process was not going to be easy but I had  no idea how hard it was actually going to be. I was looking for some  answers to my health issues and I was hoping to find them here with Dr.  McBride and I definitely found them.

In March 2007, I took an antibiotic for a  routine ear infection. I have always taken a lot of antibiotics and  neverbthought twice about it. Well, this time I wasn’t feeling so well  and I was having strange things happen. I had bumps on my scalp that the  doctors thought was a fungus, I had a fungus in my ear and also a  toenail fungus developed on one of my toes. I went to several "normal"  medical doctors and didn’t have much success in determining what was  wrong with me.

Of course through this whole process I was telling my mom what was going  on and she was very concerned that it sounded like a yeast overgrowth  from all of the antibiotics I have
taken over the years. She gave me Dr. McBride’s number that was passed to her from our friend Cynthia W.
She demanded that I call Dr. McBride and she gave me three days to call him or she said she was calling him.

I have to tell you I was very worried at this point and I called Dr. McBride, he talked to me on the phone and
we set up an appointment. I was so scared that first visit because I  knew it was probably going to be bad news and I also knew my whole diet  was going to change even though I ate organic food already. Well, it  wasn’t the first visit that I got the bad news it was my second visit. I  found out that yes I have a yeast problem and I was deficient in  vitamins and minerals because I wasn’t digesting my food properly.

He told me that if I continued down the path I was going I wasn’t going  to have energy and I was going to develop Fibromyalgia at an early age.  Well if that isn’t a wake up call I don’t know what is, so I did  everything Dr. McBride told me.

At first my body was responding well to everything we were doing and I had lots of energy. Then all of the
toxic things in my body started to come out any way they could. My eyes  were swollen to twice the size, I had a rash all over my neck, arms,  face, and chest, my hair started to fall out and I became very weak and  tired as my body began to heal. I was working at the time so I had to be  out for a few weeks because it was so bad. 

I was coming to Dr. McBride every day at that point and he was nothing  but positive and very supportive of what I was going through. We were  both shocked at the reaction my body had because I was doing so well at  first. I ended up loosing all of my hair due to the Gutate Psoriasis  (which was diagnosed by a dermatologist I went to) caused by the  antibiotic I took. The dermatologist told me that my hair would probably  not grow back.

Today I am happy to report that my hair  is growing in thick, shiny, curly and very healthy. It is much improved  from what it was before. My fingernails no longer have the moon shaped  white spots on them from a lack of minerals. I have lots of energy now,  even more than I had before. Everything else cleared up and I am looking  normal again and not sick, which is a blessing. I could have never made  it through this without the help of Dr. McBride.

He never gave up hope which made me never give up hope that I would be feeling better than
ever. I am only 25 for goodness sakes I am not supposed to be unhealthy already. I believe so strongly in
Dr. McBride that I even got my mom and sister to come see him.

I just want to say thank you to Dr.  McBride for his dedication to his patients. I certainly would not be  feeling as well as I do today if it wasn’t for him. In my opinion he is  the best doctor ever, even if he isn’t what some
people would call a "normal" doctor."

Merry M


"I started seeing Dr. McBride in June. I went to him at the urging of my oldest daughter. I told her that I
was feeling better than I had in years even though I was 30 pounds overweight, had borderline high blood
pressure, was anemic, and wasn’t sleeping worth a hoot, but agreed to  see him anyway. Well, needless to say I wasn’t in as good a shape as I  thought I was.

Dr. McBride found that I wasn’t digesting  any of my foods. My stomach was in major stress; my adrenal glands as  well as my hormones were a mess. I was basically suffering from  malnutrition. Of course I was overweight and no matter what I did, I  couldn’t lose a pound. Please understand that I had spent the previous  11 years changing my lifestyle completely. I no longer drank alcohol, I  didn’t smoke anymore, I had been taking alternative herbal products for  over 10 years and I was eating as much organic and free range foods as I  could get or afford to buy.

So, I really had made some excellent changes. However, over this time  period I suspected I had fibromyalgia, the beginnings of arthritis, and  chronic fatigue syndrome. I never said anything to my regular doctor so I  wasn’t diagnosed. Dr. McBride said that I certainly had the beginnings  of all of those diseases.

So, I left the office with a new diet, my  first bio cranial correction had been done, and numerous supplements to  help me with digestion, and my nutritional needs. I followed his  recommendations very closely and almost immediately started losing  weight, experiencing less pain, sleeping a little better and just  feeling better. Two weeks later I had lost 10 pounds, my blood pressure  had gone down, and I was sleeping and feeling much better!!

To date, I have lost 30+ pounds dropped 3 sizes in my pants, gone from an XL in my shirts to a L, and lost 22
inches. My blood pressure as of November 2007 was 110/85, my blood sugar was normal, triglycerides were
normal and my medical doctor wanted Dr. McBride’s contact information so  that she could call him to find out what he had done for me. I am so  grateful to my daughter for insisting that I see Dr. McBride and I am  truly grateful to Dr. McBride for his knowledge and his sincere caring  for his patients."

Charlotte H 

Charlotte, NC

I authorize Dr. McBride to reprint this testimony.


"I started  seeing Dr. McBride in June of 2007. It was by accident that I became a  patient of Dr. McBride’s. I was with my mother and sister when they went  to see Dr. McBride and I was having a problem with my neck and head.  Dr. McBride said that he would do a preliminary examination and see what  was going on. To make along story short, Lauren was in pretty bad  shape.

She was 12 years old and suffered with chronic neck pain,blood sugar  issues, learning difficulties, chronic stomach problems, and an  inability to gain weight. Dr.  McBride found that she too was suffering from malnutrition, her body  wasn’t absorbing any of the nutrients she was consuming,her stomach was a  mess because it wasn’t digesting anything, and she was very "fuzzy" all  the time.

We started a special diet, bio cranial corrections and quality nutritional supplements. Within a week, the
chronic neck pain that she had seen a chiropractor for weekly was  significantly reduced. She looked healthier and felt more clear-headed.  As the year has progressed the neck pain is gone, she had a scar on her  shoulder that was full and puffy with "junk" it is now flat to the skin  and paled from its previous bright pink, her appetite is good, her  stomach rarely hurts, and her schoolwork has improved tremendously! She  has been on the A honor roll for the past 2 grading periods.

As long as Lauren does what has been  recommended by Dr. McBride and has a more conservative approach towards  certain foods she is thriving. It makes me feel so much better for her.  She had suffered with stomach problems since she was a newborn. It’s  really nice to have her pain free in her stomach now. Thank you Dr.  McBride for all that you have done for us, shared with us and given us.  It’s too bad you are in PA and we are in NC, your office would be  overflowing!!"

Charlotte H on behalf of Lauren H

We give you permission to reprint this document.


Dear Dr. McBride,

“I wanted to write you and let you know about the results that my son and I have achieved with your help. 
First of all let's talk about my son.  He was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome about a year and a half ago
by a neurologist.  As we read about the symptoms of this it was obvious that he had a number of symptoms. 
However, I had noticed that the symptoms could come and go and increase and decrease in intensity,
sometimes dramatically and in a short period of time.  I noticed particularly that one day when he was sick
and ate nothing at all, just drank water, he had no symptoms at all.  NONE. 

This got me thinking that these symptoms could be diet related.  When we started with you and started 
taking the products that you recommended things started to improve.  I  would say that we have handled about 95% of the symptoms.  Of key  importance was the use of raw foods and especially raw fats in his  diet.  Through the testing that you were able to give us it allowed us  to pinpoint what we needed to give him to allow his body to heal  itself.  I think that we can take this to a totally manageable situation  for him with no symptoms as he becomes older and can more easily comply  fully with the dietary recommendations.

In my own  case I have seen my body increase dramatically in health and energy.   When I first saw you I was very limited in what I could eat and would  get very bad headaches if I ate the wrong things.  It was great to be  able to eat more and with the help of the products that you gave me. I  was able to enjoy foods that I had not eaten for a long time.  As time  went on I decided to eat the absolute healthiest diet I could think of.   This has resulted in really some incredible increases in health for  me. 

I would highly recommend to anyone to start to add the raw foods that  you recommend into their diet.  Currently I have been experimenting with  an all raw diet and I have to say that the results are well beyond  anything that I ever could have imagined.  My energy evels are sky high  and my strength and endurance during workouts is up significantly.  I  know that this isn't necessarily the diet that you recommend for others  but I wanted to let you know the results that I was achieving with it.

I need to  thank you for a lot of things regarding this but especially helpful is  the ability to test the body to see what nutrients are not being  absorbed.  The best thing about this is that I can check this for myself  and see if I am getting the results that I should be from my food  program and I can make necessary adjustments.

Please feel free to share this letter with others as I hope that they can see that natural methods can be very
effective in handling a wide variety of problems.”

Best, T. M.                         


“I have used Dr. McBride for nutritional counseling for about 13 years.  During that time he
saved me from what I thought was a heart attack that was actually an imbalanced gall bladder,
relieved my massive headaches I had had for years and helped me with a kidney situation.  His vast knowledge even allowed me to get through my highly stressful life with much greater
calmness and control. 

While all those drug commercials play across the TV screen and ads run in the magazines, I
can’t help but feel sad for the people who have to depend on those drugs because they don’t
know about Dr. McBride.  His dedication to his patients is outstanding.  I know my life is much healthier because of him.
Thank you Dr. McBride for doing all you do for me and all your other patients.”  A.P.


"I am a woman in my mid-30’s. As  a dancer, yoga enthusiast, wife, and mother of two, I have always been  an active and on-the-go woman. But all that changed when one of the  disks in my lower spine suddenly slipped and sent my life into a  tailspin. 

For three weeks, my lower  back hurt so much that I was unable to sit, stand up, lay down, or even  sleep. I was so badly bent over that I could not walk straight on my  own. I had so much pain that the needle and painkillers my regular  doctor prescribed me did not help me at all. The pain and pressure  radiated down my thighs to my toes. I was ready to go to the hospital  for emergency back surgery. I was incredibly weak and desperate for  help.

Seeing the gravity of my situation, my  cousin recommended that I immediately see Dr. McBride, who was then  treating her for carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. McBride rapidly diagnosed  my problem and during my first visit, he began bio-cranial and  nutritional therapy, in a last ditch effort to save me from having an  operation.  After only one visit, and wearing the belt Dr. McBride  prescribed, I began to stand up straight, and feel as if the therapy was  beginning to help me. 

For a month I visited Dr. McBride  everyday for therapy. I still follow Dr. McBride’s exercise and  nutrition instructions everyday and I visit him two days a week.  Unbelievably, after only two months of therapy, I was able to return to work. I actually feel even healthier now than I felt before my disk slipped.

It is amazing that natural techniques  helped heal me faster and better than traditional medicine. Dr. McBride  truly cares for the health and well-being of each of his patients. Thank  you, Dr. McBride for all you have done for me." A. K.


"On June 24 I underwent my first treatment under Dr. McBride. After only a few days, I realized my
digestion problems, constipation, bloating, and stomach pains began to  go away. Before I started my treatment, I was in pain and discomfort  because I had trouble moving my bowels. I moved my bowels maybe once  every two weeks which is very unhealthy. Imagine how I felt. Not good.  After two weeks, I lost eight pounds, went to the bathroom everyday, and  felt better than ever. As the treatment continued, I learned I had  deficiencies in protein and fats—factors I thought I would never be  short in. Gradually getting better, I noticed that I was twice as strong  and my condition had become mort stable.

Being a track field  athlete, Dr. McBride could help me relate to my problems because, he  too, engaged in the sport. When I first began my treatments, I was so  out of shape because of my condition. I could barely run two blocks  without stopping and gasping for air. Within three weeks, I was capable  of running several miles without even breaking a sweat. My flexibility  improved, and my muscles did not cramp or ache after a work out. As the  weekly visits continued, I saw new and more exciting results every day.  My vision even increased. I am able to see miniscule things from a  further distance; where as before, I had to squint and stress my eyes to  see them. Prior to the treatments, my hair was falling out in handfuls.  

As of now, my hair is healthy, regained its shine, and has not lost a  single strand. In addition, the acne on my face cleared up. I feel so  good and I keep getting better. It is amazing how much nutritional  knowledge I have gained. If only I would have known these vital facts  before all of this happened. However, because I am only sixteen, I still  have a long way ahead of me. Now, I can use the information for the  future and possibly omit all the illnesses and diseases life has to  offer.

I am astonished how all these  great things can happen with just a simple change in your diet. But  these results would not have occurred if it was not for Dr. McBride. His  great dedication and passion to get his patients as healthy as can be  made this possible. There are not many people like Dr. McBride, who  commit themselves daily to their profession and who actually want to  help their patients--especially doctors in today's society. With all  gratitude, I thank Dr. McBride for his tremendous work because without  him I would not be in the incredible state I am now. Thank you."  C.K.


"We first encountered Dr. McBride  eight years ago when my son Joshua became ill. He would get a high fever  that was unresponsive to any medication every seven to ten days. Each  time he got the fever, he got weaker and weaker. He was finally admitted  to the hospital where they ran innumerable tests. After a few days, the  fever abated (as it always did) they considered him cured and send him  home. Seven days later the fever came back. By this time, he was so  weak, he wouldn’t do anything but sleep and watch TV. We were desperate.  We were
watching our son slowly die. 

I was telling another woman about Josh and she told me about Dr. McBride. She said she had the same
symptoms and he cured her. She warned me that his treatments were unorthodox, but they worked. We were
desperate and willing to try anything.  Dr. McBride saw Josh immediately after we called. He told us that Josh
had a parasite living in his intestine and started him on a special diet  and some pills. My husband and I were a little leery because Dr.  McBride’s diagnostic methodology was so different from anything we had  seen before.

But like I said, we were desperate, so we ploughed ahead. The  results were spectacular. Within a week the fevers left and never  returned. Josh’s robust coloring returned. His unending energy and  positive attitude returned. He felt so much better, that he was  completely committed to his diet, which allowed no sugar, no dairy, no  wheat. Getting a six year old to stick so eagerly to that diet is
testament to how healthy he felt. After a couple of months, Dr. McBride told us we didn’t need to come back as Josh was cured. 

 Dr. McBride saved our son’s life." P. M.


 "On May 9 I began my treatment care  under Dr. McBride. In a few days my abdominal distention, bloating and  gas began tosubside. Within 3 weeks I was back in my size 4 skirts and  pants (I had to go a size 6). After a couple of weeks I noticed that my  heart rate had dropped to normal levels in 70’s & 80’s. It had been  in 90’s & 100’s due to a blood problem which requires me to receive  transfusions every couple weeks.

After about 1 week I noted my legs much stronger & I could go up the  stairs much better.  Now I can go up them very well and my upper thigh  muscles are stronger. I was getting severe leg cramps quite frequently  which would go from my toes up to my groin. This has lessened  considerably. Now they stay in my feet & lower legs and are much  less in intensity. Also the soreness that would remain has lessened very  much.

 For months I had a very putrid halitosis with very bad odor and taste. Nothing helped it. After about 2-3 weeks it began
lessening and is now gone. I have a slight lung problem and am on  aerosol sprays which have not really helped. I noticed that my breaths  became deeper and easier within about 3 weeks and this has continued. 

 I must  say that I am so grateful for these results which would not have  occurred without Dr. McBride. His professionalism, dedication, caring,  compassion and patience; as well as his passion to learn more to give  his patients better care are the reasons that my results are so  wonderful. Thank you Dr. McBride"  E.K.